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In the last two years, we have successfully served these customers:

Mineralbrunnen Teinach GmbH
New safety equipment on existing pallet conveyors
Warsteiner Brauerei
Relocation and re-programming of palletizing area
Seybrew / Mahé Seychelles
PLC Upgrade to S7 and Touchpanel HMI
Erdinger Weissbräu
PLC Upgrade to S7 KHS, touchpanel HMI for KHS glass depal
Faxe Bryggerie / DK-Faxe
Project management for PET Line retrofit
Mondi Paper / RUS – Syktyvkar
Retrofit Kettner palletizer and pallet conveyors,new touchpanels
Weimer Maschinenbau, Gäufelden
Retrofit Kettner sorting packer with touchpanel HMI, based on TIA
Gilde Brauerei, Hannover
Retrofit for half pallets in pallet conveying system
Carlsberg – Holsten, Hamburg
Installation and commissioning of 120m pallet conveyors
Ackermann – Kinella, Ellefeld
New PLC with touch HMI, overhaul and retrofit 150m pallet conveyors
Pfefferkorn Maschinenbau, Mittweida
New PLC and retrofit for second hand Kettner palletizer
Magnusquelle, Norderstedt
Modifications and enhancement on Kettner palletizer and depalletizer
Profipack / A-Wörgl
Retrofit Kettner palletizer Lenz Moser winery / A-Krems
Mineralbrunnen Bad Imnau
PLC upgrade bottle conveyors glass line to S7 with touchpanel HMI
Weimer Maschinenbau, Gäufelden
PLC upgrade with touchpanel HMI Steinle palletizer in Switzerland
HB Getränke, Oschatz
Line design, installation and commissioning sorting line 2.200 crates/h
Coca Cola Austria
new cabinet and controls, commissioning for 50m pallet conveyors
Ussurpivo / RUS Ussuriysk
installation of relocated 10.000 b/h beer line, overhaul and commissioning